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Copy And Paste Outsourcing Blueprints Will Unlock Your Spare Time...And Almost Effortlessly Pump Up Your Cash Flow!

Read on to discover how you can:

cAchieve higher profits by easily scaling up your business by using already proven systems and procedures.

cExpand your menu of services, beyond your personal skill set, so even MORE revenue streams can be created.

cHow to produce results your clients will LOVE to pay you very well for, each and every month!

From: Howard "OutSourcerer" Tiano

RE: Offline Game Changer

Dear Frustrated Consultant,


he stormed out of the room, and even as she tried to hold back her tears she shouted back at me, "I think you love your #@%# computer more than me! "

Ouch...that went straight through my heart. But I understand how she would feel that way. My wife can be the most supportive person in the world, but she had finally reached the end of her rope.

If you're working as an offline business consultant right now -- it's absolutely something you NEED to hear about. It might just save your butt like it did mine!

You see... about 2 years ago, my beautiful wife became so fed up with me that I thought she was going to walk out of my life forever... and all because of my Internet marketing business.

How could my business cause her to want to leave?

Well, for almost two years straight I spent lots more time on my computer and trying to manage my business than I did with her.

In fact, you might even say that I became married to my computer, spending every day plugging away for hours and hours and hours, barely even moving from my desk, except to eat and sleep.

It became a very sore spot for us...

I Had To Draw A Line In The Sand Immediately!lines

Ultimately I had to draw a line in the sand to save my family and eliminate all the stress I had been feeling from working non-stop.

I knew that if things kept going the way they were going I was going to burn out entirely -- and I was possibly going to lose my family.

I was hurting those that I loved most by just not being there.

And you know what?

I don't know if I just needed that slap in the face to realize the errors of my ways... but once it kicked in... I discovered It was possible... no, it was EASY... to make even MORE money than ever before while working just a few hours per week.

It was amazing... and frankly, I've never looked back.

Now I'd like to help you too.

So You've Got a Few Consulting Clients...

GREAT! ...Now what?

Would you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions?

squareIs your day being eaten up servicing your clients and producing the work?

squareAre you spending your time getting new clients, or are you stuck behind the computer because you don't have anyone else to do the work for you, or "you could do it better than anyone you could 'afford' to hire."

squareAre you treading water just to keep up with the clients you have, never mind getting more!

squareHas your income hit the ceiling...just not anymore hours left in the day?

warningIf you answered "Yes" to just ONE of the questions above, these are the warning signs that you're working WAY TOO HARD , and you're headed down the same road as I was just a couple of years ago.

"Most People Are Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Any Real Money."
Joe Karbo - Author of "Lazy Man's Way To Riches"

If you REALLY want to increase your offline consulting income (while putting in LESS TIME) then you need to first consider your business model today:

Does Your Current Offline Consulting Business Model Look Anything Like This?

Do you see any similarity between the org chart above and your own offline consulting business today?

Are you the "me" that holds every position of your organization, handling everything that needs to be done in order to keep your business going (and growing)?

If you are the "me" that handles it all...

... then you have either already experienced an income plateau or you soon will... this plateau is a barrier which you will be unable to overcome on your own.

Yes, if you continue down this path for any length of time your business will only be able to achieve a certain level of profitability before you hit a brick wall.

And this is 100% a recipe for burnout or decreased quality of work -- let me assure you from firsthand experience.

This... of course... is the bad news.

The good news is that you CAN grow your business and make more money (LOTS more) -- while working much less.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Howard Tiano and I started online around 5 years ago with affiliate marketing, like most people begin online. You could say I got off to a s-l-o-w start, not really making any substantial money the first couple of years. (Yes, I said years!)

But I was working my butt off!

I was spinning my wheels, and finally decided to get some help...some serious help!

I got personal mentoring from names like Alex Mandossian, Rich Schefren, Howie Schwartz and Stephen Pierce... just to name a few.

Out of necessity I mastered outsourcing, and became known as the "OutSourcerer" creating the video e-zine Outsource Outtakes, and products like the Ultimate Outsource Directory, and Easy Outsource Videos.

I began to get calls to teach from guys like Mike Filsaime, Howie Schwartz, and StomperNet.

I'm among featured experts in products like the "Outsourcing Masters TeleSummit" put on by David Frey.

And then a funny thing began to happen...

Here I am speaking at a Howie Schwartz event,
which people paid up to $3000 to attend.

As friends and small busineess owners started to see what I'd been up to, I began to get asked to do the same for them as well! Word of mouth took over, and well, my online biz took a detour... offline!

It was almost a no-brainer... barely any of these standard brick and mortar businesses had any clue at all about how to leverage the Internet to help them.

And with very little effort and just a little "explaining" about what I did, they nearly demanded to hand me big fat checks to help them do it as well.

It was almost TOO easy to get business.

In fact, clients began coming out of the woodwork as the topic of marketing small business online would come up at parties, or social gatherings.

It was something all business owners were interested in, but were a little leery about. See, most have been burned by ineffective “SEO companies.”

As my reputation grew, I took on more clients. My income began to swell...

Now...I gotta tell felt great landing my first few clients and getting a few sweet  paychecks. I remember depositing my first few for $1,675, another for $2,750, a third for $424 (recurring)...I was juiced!

But it wasn't long before reality set in...I had to get the work done!

starSuddenly I Began To Feel Like I Had A High Stress Job!

As I took on more and more clients, I found myself working late into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes not even getting to bed before 5 AM!

And what's worse, I began to feel like I had a dozen bosses breathing down my neck! As it was, I was already working for a lunatic! (guess who?) :)

I went into business for myself for the freedom... yes I wanted to make more money... but I also wanted more time!

So, with these offline clients coming out of the woodwork, yeah, the money was growing, but so was my workload and stress levels.

In fact, it wasn't long before I was a slave to the computer.

offline marketing

Does This Look Familiar?

Well, this is certainly how I felt, after slaving away into the wee hours working on a project for one of my "bosses!"

And it wasn't only for consulting clients, it was for my own projects or products I may be trying to squeeze into my overstuffed schedule!

I couldn't go on like this much longer...

Eventually I hit the limit as to how many clients I could handle, but not before losing a few because I couldn't get the work done on time, or they wanted a service I didn't have the expertise to deliver.

My clients, my wife, me....

None of us were happy with the non-stop workload intruding on my life. I got incredibly stressed out, gained weight and spent 99% of my waking hours at the computer.

Something just had to give.

One day I looked in the mirror and noticed the huge bags and dark circles under my eyes... I noticed the extra weight I had put on... and I noticed I just looked unhappy.

And that was it for me. I decided right then and there it was time for an immediate change.

So I began to research the best practices and tactics and created the most detailed, explicit training for my offline consulting business so I could hand over my work to others.

Now I could get the job done better, faster AND cheaper. Soon I was making even more money than ever before, while working less and reclaiming my time.

And I'd like to help you do the same -->

And everything you need to know to achieve this is right here in front of you...

Congratulations! This is your "Get Out of Jail Free" card!

jail© Hasbro 1939

arrowA Lifestyle Makeover For YOU!

This comprehensive step-by-step multimedia course and toolkit will guide you through the minefield of leveraging other people's skills and talents to help you make more money with less effort.

Through the information and tools contained in this valuable and powerful new program, you can finally take your business to the next level and achieve that lifestyle you have always dreamed of.



A Plug-and-Play System For Outsourcing Your Offline lines       Consulting Work...

starComplete With Training For Your Virtual Team!

noWARNING: This is NOT a "course" but a Toolbox of "Mini-Systems"

Whether you're a seasoned offline consultant that wants to maximize your profit while putting in fewer hours...

Or if you're brand new to this business and you just want to get started making more money than you ever thought possible...

Offline Cash Blueprints can completely transform your life.

Offline Cash Blueprints, the culmination of my personal experience, is the ONLY COMPLETE TOOLBOX and BLUEPRINTS designed specifically for the Offline Internet Consultant, that will have you deftly delegating your business tasks like a Ninja in no time flat!

Whether in-house or virtual, your vTeam will learn to produce the jobs in a fraction of the time, with less effort on YOUR part !

So that they do the hard work while you have more time and more money coming into your business!

Here's a fraction of what you'll discover in this 11 module training course AND toolkit...

ddHow To Sell, Package, Price and Outsource common services outside of your personal skill set, so even MORE revenue streams can be rolled out quickly and confidently.

ddCopy and paste outsourcing posts allow you to find the best candidates , quickly filtering out those who don't follow instructions, saving you time, aggravation, and unhappy clients due to poor results from crappy work.

ddImmediately free up your valuable time to focus on finding more clients and bringing in more deposits daily, rather than spending time doing low value tasks.

ddTask Terminator System for each service gives simple, road-tested and proven blueprints which streamline the workflow, minimize errors and deliver results for your client with very little work on your part.

ddMy Five-To-One Methodology will have you building your crack virtual team quickly, without the drawn out and frustrating process of trying one at a time.

ddHosting provided for all media, from training videos to PDFs so the links in your blueprints are ready to use, saving hours of time downloading and link swapping.

ddSwipe files, checklists and spreadsheets included to speed up the process, allowing for faster results.

ddMy 4-step proven system for qualifying the contractors and weeding out the scammers, so you can quickly get quality work at the best price - without the headaches!

ddHow to Get paid month after month like clockwork providing continuity-based services, like SEO and Pay Per Click management.

ddHow to manage several clients' Adwords accounts with ease, using special tools that let you manage bids and see split test winners on a massive scale!

ddAdwords campaign builder software to create effective campaigns on a grand scale in a fraction of the usual time.

ddIncludes instructions using FREE tools, so you can get the job done without any additional expense. (For faster results, training using paid tools also included.)

ddTask training videos and PDFs incorporating the latest methods working NOW, and tweaked to perfection so you can save the time and headache trying to learn all this yourself and get top quality work from your outsourcers.

ddCustom Power Tracking Tool for Google Analytics will let you create hundreds of tracking links in the same time it takes to create ONE with Google's tool!

ddCreates a business that's a more valuable asset when it comes time to sell it, with already proven systems and processes in place for the new owner!

Don't Sweat the Details...I've Done That For You!

The devil's in the details, especially in an online business. But I've taken that burden off your shoulders. Let your team deal with the details in the task trainings, while you deal with the big picture, and bring in more clients!

Yes, you will have to learn a few things and manage your team, however as you grow your business you'll be able to delegate those jobs as well!

Less is More – The Reverse “Thud Factor”?

Maybe you've experienced this if you've been around marketing for awhile. Many product owners pile on additional parts and pieces to their product and send it in a big box, which makes a loud “thud” when you dump it on your desk. The heavier/bigger the box, the more “stuff” you get to justify a higher price.

Do you really need another 16 DVD set sitting in your closet unopened? Got any of those?

Disclaimer: I've still got a few of them. :(

Truth be told if you really think about it, most of those courses could be summarized in just a few paragraphs.

Each module of the Offline Cash Blueprints could be a huge course in itself!

But No, No, No...I won't do that to you! (or ME!)

See, I've distilled all the information you need to know for each module down to the Cliff Notes® version, so no need to be overwhelmed and mired down in the mind numbing details that accompany most products! No fluff, no filler, just the facts.

I've already gone through dozens of products, in addition to my own testing and experience, and paricipated in high level mastermind sessions (sometimes in the lobby bar! ) to distill the best of what's working now and create the training and systems for these tasks here.

Just the Golden Nuggets. The things that matter most to get the job done!

Check out what Brad Fallon, CEO of StomperNet has to say, from the SEO Pro Workshop, a $5,000 per seat event where I was invited to speak:
Player will appear here
"I liked it so much that I bought a copy for every single attendee"
- Brad Fallon

I just walked off the stage here at SEO Pro. We've been teaching people how to be local Internet marketing consultants. 

"When I saw the blueprint system that [Howard]  had, I asked him if he would speak at the event, and he was one of the most popular speakers.

What people really need is what makes it easy to outsource stuff. Everyone knows they need to outsource...But it's a lot easier said than done.

Well, if you have Howard's system, it's a lot easier to actually do, because he's got modules for everything you'd ever do in Internet marketing, he broke it down in a way that makes complete sense, he's got all the training that people would need, he knows how to get to people, he's got pretty much everything in a box when it comes to outsourcing.

I liked it so much that I bought a copy of the course for every single attendee, and I can tell you they are really glad to have it."

- Brad Fallon, SEO StomperNEt, and SEO Pro Workshop

ken"Howard...won't settle for putting out fluff."

"Howard puts his heart and soul into a project, and won't settle for putting out fluff. He'll persist until things are just right, then watch out! I expect great things from Howard."

-Ken McArthur

OK, Here's the “Easy As 1-2-3” Part

Now that you know what this training and these resources can do for you, let's take a look at what I call The Task Terminator System™.

The system is both simple to follow and incredibly powerful.

It all begins with 3 must-have documents, which are included for each training module.

#1 - What YOU Need to Know

1The Master Blueprint - Your "Master" blueprint. Just the essential info you'll need to know. The Cliff Notes® version of the strategy and results interpretation. This blueprint gives you the big picture, and the information you'll need to get the job done right, as easily and quickly as possible.

The Master Blueprint consists of:
  • Topic Overview - Objectives
  • Strategy Training - What you'll need to know to implement
  • Step-By-Step Outsourcing - How to successfully delegate the job
  • Time Required for Task
  • Skills Needed
  • Project Description for PostingProven posts, just copy and paste
  • Service Package Suggestions
  • Selling the Service to Your Client - Research, stats and video social proof
  • Resources

#2 - What You Need to Know From Your CLIENT

2Client Inputs - the exact client info needed for the job (1 - 2 pages). Let your client do the "heavy lifting" on this task! (Of course we'll lend a helping hand if needed) Info we'll need to do the task: their URL, keywords and content to plug into the Cash Blueprints for your virtual team to perform!

Some of the more in-depth Client Inputs can often be enlightening for your client and essential for you to be effective, focused and efficient for them, resulting in happier clients and more business for you!

#3 - What Your TEAM Needs to Know

3vTeam™ Blueprints - This is your Virtual Team instructions - a 1 - 2 page assignment, training and tools document that you'll provide to your team to get the job done right and on time...

With this template, you'll won't have to second guess your assignments ever again -- just fill in the blanks and have an organized spec sheet that your team can begin working from IMMEDIATELY!

The vTeam Blueprint consists of:

  • Job Description - Objectives
  • Special Instructions 
  • Timeline / Milestones 
  • Site Tech Details - Log in info
  • Site Content - Content, keywords, etc.
  • Tools/Software - Where to find/access tools needed
  • Task Training - links to all the training for each job are already in the vTeam Blueprints!
  • Resources

Just send #2 and #3 to your team and wait for the job to show up in your inbox...
Simple as 1 - 2 - 3!

Watch the Video Below For An Amazing Look At The Task Terminator System In Action!

Player will appear here

Yes... Offline Cash Blueprints is NOT just another course -- this is a complete toolkit to help you make more money with less effort.

The task training for each module was created so you can do the services using FREE Tools, however I provide training for using PAID tools as well, as it is a lot more efficient and effective.

Now, let's have a peek at some of the video and written step by step training for you and your new team!

1              Pimp Your Local Listing

21 Local Business Listings

If you think all there is to local listing is just filling out a simple form, you may be in for a surprise! If your clients want the edge in rankings and visibility in addition to mobile search and in-car GPS, this module is for you.

Included in this power packed module is the training you and your team will need to get your clients quickly and easily ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing local searches.

Plus, I reveal my “secret sauce” to getting top listing on the local Google Maps!

Once you have your team put this potent info into action, your clients will skyrocket to the top, resulting in more business for them, happier clients, and more business for YOU!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • Google Places Video Training Get the lowdown on the NEW changes with Google Places, and the #1 factor for ranking in Places!

  • Citations-Reviews Video Training The importance of citations and reviews in pegging high placement for your local listings

vTeam™ Training:

  • Google Places Videos (13)- Set up your Google Places local business listing using keywords strategically and multimedia. Learn to edit, and create coupons!
  • Citation sign up templates for your outsourcers. (12)

  • Yahoo-Local Videos (2) Set up and edit your Yahoo local business listing

  • Bing Local Listing Video Training Set up your Bing local business listing

  • DirectoryList.xls The top 43 places you'll definitely want to be listed in!

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              SEO Salvo

22On-Page SEO And SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more popular than ever as a desperately needed service for any business either online or offline.

As the competition heats up for top rankings this module will give you the ammo you need to get the job done better than anyone else possibly could; all the strategies and tweaks are built right into the detailed instructions.

And the beauty is that your team will do all the heavy lifting while you get to focus on more free time for yourself!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • On-Page SEO.pdf This gives you all the basics for an on-page "starter SEO" package.

  • On-Page SEO checklist.xls, and Quick Reference Cheat Sheet.pdf
vTeam™ Training:
  • SEO (manually)Video Training - Manually pulling up the information you need to do an SEO analysis for your client and adding into the spreadsheet SEO Competitive Analysis.xls
  • SEO Analysis (Samurai)Video Training The easy way of doing SEO analysis using Market Samurai software
  • Free SEO Tools Video Training Free tools for your SEO sluething! (Same as Competitive Analysis module)
  • Local Video SEO Training
  • W3C Verification and Site Map Generation Videos
  • WordPress and Search Engine Optimization Videos
    • Using The All-In-One SEO Pack for WordPress
    • Using The Google XML Sitemap Generator
  • RankCheck-Tour Video Four powerful rank checkers for reporting your clients progress over time.
  • Samurai Rank Tracker Video Using Market Samurai's rank tracker for powerful rank tracking of ALL your URLs (Web2.0, YouTube, EZA) across multiple keywords over time.

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Keys2Keywords

22 Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any search engine optimization campaign, website content, paid advertising, and local search strategy which will impact your client’s entire online success or failure.

It can be deceptively simple, but there are several nuances that can make a huge difference in your client's results.

With this training your team will begin quickly and easily finding the best keywords for each of your clients' specific needs, resulting in faster rankings and more website traffic fast!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System Docs™, You'll Receive:

  • Keyword Research Training Videos (4) - Keyword research for 3 scenarios:
            Simple and basic for "simple" service companies (e.g., plumbers, dentists)
            Professions with sub-categories (e.g., doctors and lawyers)
            National, or global companies (not limited by local geography)
  • Keywordresearch.xls -A keyword/SEO assessment tool to judge the degree of difficulty of getting top rankings for the keyword. Designed for those not using a tool to get the data, but documenting it manually.

  • KeywordResearch-Selection.pdf Outsourcer instructions for finding the best keywords for your clients local campaigns, PPC and SEO

  • Keywords-Google Video Training Using Google's free tools

  • Keywords-Samurai Video Training Using Market Samurai

  • Domain Finder Video Training Free domain tool to merge your local modifiers with base keywords, and check availability of domains using those keywords. Really find those golden nugget domains for you or your clients.

  • Local Keyword Tool Video Quickly and easily get your geo modifiers by zip code and radius, with Adwords prep (Same as for SEO & PPC Module)

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              E-mail Escapades

11 E-mail Marketing & Autoresponders

Email marketing is incredibly valuable -- perhaps you have heard that every subscriber is worth $1 per month -- with this module you'll be able to help your clients generate that money today.

In this module your outsourcer team will learn how to set up auto responders, and how to troubleshoot your e-mail marketing.

This module includes several fantastic resources, including reports and templates that will help you to get this job done fast and right!

Also, I take on the most popular service for local businesses, and point out the restrictions and limitations that could make their email marketing a total NIGHTMARE! (No, it's NOT Aweber)

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System Docs™, You'll Receive:

  • Constant Contact vs. Aweber - Pros and Cons-(Believe me, there are plenty!)
  • 3 Special Reports - Optimizing E-mail Opt-in Page, Subject Line Rules,
    E-mail Follow Up Ideas.pdf

vTeam™ Training:

  • Aweber Setup Video Trainings
  • Constant Contact Video Trainings - Most small businesses use this over Aweber

  • Wordpress and Lead Capture - Opt-in forms, RSS to email via Aweber and Get Response (5 videos)

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Spy Specs

11 Competitive Analysis

This module focuses on creating a competitive analysis report to present to a prospective client (educating them as to how badly they need your services!), or for customers as an add on additional service pack.

Let's face it -- new business drives your business, and cashflow is KING.With this step by step training module you'll discover how your team can create a compelling competitive analysis report that will make securing new business as easy as cake.

I'll even include templates that will make this copy and paste simple for your freelancer!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System Docs™, You'll Receive:

  • Competitive Analysis report template.doc This template is the basis for a competitive analysis report you can provide to your client either as a freebie to get them involved in the conversation about their business, or expanded into a service package for a fee.

  • Competitive Analysis Instructions.pdf these are the outsourcing instructions to pull the data for the above report. Comes with an example.pdf
vTeam™ Training:
  • SEO Analysis (Samurai)Video Training - The easy way of doing SEO analysis using Market Samurai software (Same as for SEO Module)

  • Free SEO Tools Video Training - Free tools for your SEO sluething!

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Web Wizards

11Websites, Blogs, and Squeeze Pages.

A website design or makeover can drastically improve your client's results and make you look like a champion without you even having to lift a finger on your own.

With module #6 you'll discover how to get your designers to build out beautiful eye catching web designs, blogs, and name capture pages that are easy to navigate and that blow your clients away...

... for the best possible price and in the least amount of time possible. This will truly separate you from your competition -- instantly!

The Wordpress section has 45 training videos for just this section alone! No more late night emails from your contractor..."How do I...?"

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System Docs™, You'll Receive:

  • Website Check Up Special Report.pdf This is an excellent free report that can really get your client thinking about some of the issues and bigger questions that need to be considered regarding your website. I include it here for you to get ideas for your own material, or simply hand off as is to client.

  • Website "wireframe" video - Communicating the layout of the site/page using a free web tool
  • PayPal -AddingUser-LimitedAccess.pdf How to add users with different access levels, i.e your webmaster, accountant, and virtual assistant without putting your financials at risk.
  • What to Look for in a Web Designer.pdf- Checklist
    vTeam™ Training:

  • Wordpress Tutorial Videos - A complete set (45) of updated videos showing everything from installation to working with premium themes and plugins.

  • Website Optimizer Installation Guide.pdf Step-by-step guide using Google's Website Optimizer to test several elements at once

  • Dreamweaver Video Squeeze Page Video Trainings - Easy-to-follow training on setting up a graphic video squeeze page

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Copy Cats


Whether it's text on a page, an audio or video script, auto responders or sales letters, your (client's) business will live or die on sales generated by great copy.

You can build rapport, create credibility, entertain and educate with words.

In this module you'll learn where to find copywriters, and how to use copy to get the results for your clients.

I've even got permission from one of the top copywriters in the business to include his client questionnaire in this module - the one he uses to pull all the compelling stories and benefits from his clients to attain those killer conversions.

I'm also including one of my “Secret Weapons” I use to get my copy done:

It's a software program. It uses fill in the blank templates for headings, sub-heads, openers, guarantees, P.S., connectors and hundreds of “Power Words” and phrases. A MUST for any copywriter's toolbox!

It's been said that it does not matter how good someone's product or service is if they don't have good sales copy, because no one will ever buy it to find out.

With this module you'll help ensure maximum sales for your clients which will of course result in more ongoing business for you!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • "Outsource Your Copywriting" Webinar - mf 93 minutes of great content from the man whose wrritten copy for most of the top gurus in the industry! Tips and techniques to get top results for a lot less than you'd think! Includes transcript!
  • Ultimate Headline Swipe File.pdf "342 WINNING Headlines You Can Copy & Steal to Advertise ANY Business"
  • Hiring A Copywriter.pdf - Checklist
  • What to Look for in a Content Writer.pdf - Checklist
  • Copywriters Questionnaires - for Local Businesses and Information products from two major industry pros!
  • 33 Super Sales Copy software - If you MUST do your own copy, this will come in very handy! Or pass it on to your outsourced copywriter!

ReadyTo Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Graphics Gurus

11Graphic Design

Professional looking graphics can really make the difference between a visitor's perception of the website as amateurish, or instilling confidence and trust that they've landed in the right place.

You've only got a few seconds to make a first impression, and great graphics can make that difference.

This module will help you find the right graphics pros to fit your budget and your project, and make sure they get done easily and quickly.

Crowdsourcing is the new buzzword in outsourcing, and nowhere has it wielded more power than in the world of graphics! Learn where and how to find a horde of designers willing to design your logo or graphics on spec, hoping to win your job!

Never again be limited to ONE designer’s imagination!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • Graphics Video Training The best places to outsource your graphics. There may be some surprises lurking in this video!

  • Graphics Freelancers Video Training - How to select graphic artists from the freelance sites
  • What to Look for In a Graphic Designer.pdf- Checklist

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1              Metrics For Moolah

11Testing and Tracking, Analytics, And More

Testing and tracking is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to proving the return on investment (ROI) of your work, and builds the case for monthly maintenance and continuity services, giving you a solid income that will accumulate over time!

You'll get templates and tools to track not only web stats, but email marketing response, banner ads, PPC – even phone calls and direct mail campaigns!

The good news that some of this is as simple as pasting a snippet of code from Google Analytics, and you're off and running with plenty of data to start!

But -- your client doesn't know that -- and we'll provide you with the resources and training so that your team can set this up for your clients and show your clients exactly what their results TRULY mean!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

vTeam™ Training:

  • Analytics Training Videos - A non-techie "tour" Google analytics, including the details on how to set it up in a set of 5 videos, PLUS a video on using Google Analytics with WordPress
    Analytics Custom URLS in Google Analytics
  • Creating custom URLs for tracking specific advertising media like banners, newsletters, e-mails and web 2.0 properties. More specific data than analytics referrer data.

  • Analytics-Power URL Builder video - Google's tool only makes one URL at a time, this video shows how to use a spreadsheet to mass create your tracking URLs, with the AnalyticsPowerURLbuilder.xls
  • RankCheck-Tour Video Four powerful rank checkers for reporting your clients progress over time.
  • Samurai Rank Tracker Video Using Market Samurai's rank tracker for powerful rank tracking of ALL your URLs (Web2.0, YouTube, EZA) across multiple keywords over time.
  • Website Optimizer Installation Guide.pdf step-by-step guide using Google's Website Optimizer to test several website elements at once!

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?

1           Adwords Army

11Pay Per Click Management

Most small businesses can benefit tremendously from paid search by providing a steady stream of targeted traffic to their website, and great online tools to track and optimize their advertising dollar spend.

It also helps them discover the most lucrative keywords for them to expand upon using other marketing channels, such as direct mail, video and print advertising.

In an instant gratification society, your client will want to see fast results -- with this module you'll help them to achieve just that.

Learn the hidden tools and techniques for managing MULTIPLE campaigns for MULTIPLE clients, mass bid management, and quickly determine split test winners for thousands of keywords across all your campaigns!

I'm also including my favorite PPC campaign builder software, allowing you manipulate and theme hundreds, even thousands of keywords to paste into Adwords editor and upload right into your campaigns!

Bringing these kinds of skills to the table will make you invaluable to your clients and will "marry" them to your services, requiring your help for the long term.

Once again, this is MORE money in your pocket!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • Adwords Client Campaign Management - How to easily manage all your client's campaigns from a single dashboard.

    vTeam™ Training:

  • Geo Targeting Video Training - A fun demo of the cool features of Google's geo-targeting functions.

  • Local Adwords Tool Video - Quickly and easily get your geo modifiers by zip code and radius, with Adwords prep. (FREE tool) (Same as for SEO Module)
  • Keyword Research Selection.pdf - In depth keyword research instructions to drill deep for PPC campaigns.

  • Adwords Banner Ads Video Training Adwords baner creation tool demo
  • Adwords Editor Bid Management Video Training how to filter and manage bids on a mass scale across groups and campaigns that meet certain parameters.

  • 44starPPC Campaign Builder Software (value $97.00) - This software will help prepare your keywords to cut and paste into Adwords Editor for easy uploading to your (client's) Adwords accounts. Can make dealing with 1,000's of Adgroups easy! Comes with training video and manual.
Note: This is NOT a full blown tutorial on Adwords or Adwords Editor

1           Mobilize Me!

Mobile Websites

Mobile Marketing is all the rage now, and it's just starting here in the U.S.! The trend toward mobile marketing goes beyond SMS, and your clients need a mobile-friendly website to bring them in when they're looking for their service on the road, just minutes away!

Discover all the new resources available to produce beautiful mobile websites with ease.

With this module you'll help ensure maximum sales for your clients by making it easy for customers to find them!

In Addition to the 3 Task Terminator System™ Docs, You'll Receive:

  • Options for Creating Mobile Websites Video - Tools, templates, site builders

  • Creating Your Mobile Site - Video training on building a mobile site
  • Free Mobile Tools - Mobile emulators for thousands of phones, mobile search and more!
  • Adapting Wordpress for Mobile - Video training on top plugins and functionality

1   Forms and Documents

I've included here several documents that you'll need in the course of your Internet Consulting business:
  • System templates

  • Non-Disclosure forms

  • Performance agreements
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Trackers

  • Spreadsheets

  • Client Questionnaire
  • Hiring a Bookkeeper

teddy"I Can Now Handle 3x as Many Clients!"

Howard's Offline Cash Blueprints have become, by far, the most valuable training resource in our entire employee training curriculum. 

I was in the process of documenting these same processes myself but Howard's course saved me 100's of hours of work because he understands exactly what works and how to quickly and effectively teach it to people. 

If you're an offline consultant and you don't buy this, then you're probably not serious about building a real business that you're not a slave to..."

-Teddy Garcia

Here's what attendees said from a recent $5,000 per seat workshop, SEO Pro, put on by StomperNet, where I presented the Offline Cash Blueprints and the Task Terminator system for outsourcing Internet consultant tasks...
Player will appear here
"...all I can say is it's astounding! ...everything you need to outsource intelligently and really just ramp everything up in your business."

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Howard Tiano present at SEO Pro

about his product Offline Cash Blueprints, which I've also had the opportunity to get into and actually use a bit and all I can say is it's astounding!'s got everything you need to outsource intelligently and really just ramp everything up in your business."

Jenns Rhoades, SEO Consultant

Player will appear here
"...I was totally blown away with his Offline Cash Blueprints. It was everything I was looking for in this conference."

"I haven't done any SEO in the past. I've been studying about the links and all the 

different things that need to be done in the background, and it was just really overwhelming to me. And the way that he put the processes together and simplified things, it was just such a refreshing light.

It's actually absolutely the best thing that I've seen at the conference so far, and it really makes me feel great to have it and I'm exicted."

- Steve Moran

Player will appear here
"...the products will work for you no matter how experienced you are with outsourcing."

I've got a multi-million dollar business and I use a lot of outsourcing and I thought during the last eight years I learned a lot about 

In fact I've my own little systems and they work really cool. When I saw his presentation, it absolutely blew me away. The detail that is in there, if you are just starting out, it is ideal for you.

If you are experienced like me, you need to be talking to him. You know, the products will work for you no matter how experienced you are with outsourcing.

He's got things in his products, and maybe even if you are experienced, call him yourself and get some tips because the tips he's given me, I'm taking back. And not only will they make my outsourcing easier, they are going to make me money."

- Richard Cussins, Internet Marketer

Player will appear here
"I really thought I knew most of what there is to know about outsourcing. However, ... I realized I was missing a pretty big part of it."

"I've had an e-commerce business for a really long time. 

I thought I was really good at the outsourcing piece because I haven't done any of the actual work pieces for several years.

I really thought I knew most of what there is to know about outsourcing. However, after seeing Howard's presentation of Offline Cash Blueprints, I realized I was missing a pretty big part of it. 

See, I still spend a lot of my time hiring other outsourcers and then helping develop the training material for those outsourcers. Which is actually, now that I think about it, a pretty big source of my time that I don't really need to be spending.

What Howard's Offline Cash Blueprints gives you is the training documents, material, process maps. All the things that you need to teach your employees how to do that part of the work for you.

I plan on going home and taking a look at everything and giving it to all my employees so they can take a big chunk of time off my hands. So I can focus on some of the more important stuff that makes more money."

- Eric Shannon, StomperNet Faculty, eCommerce Store Owner

Player will appear here
"I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. I'm getting me out of the way."

I got to tell you before getting this product I've really been struggling with how do I take myself out of the picture? 

I've always been the bottleneck, trying to get things done. I can't stay up until two in the morning to get my SEO done.

I'm trying to outsource it, how do I do that? How do I make sure the people are trained and trained right? It's really been an obstacle for me.

Well, now that I've got Howard's stuff, Offline Cash Blueprints, I've got everything I need to get it done. Really, it's the biggest relief. That's the way I felt just getting this.

Now I've got everything I need, the training materials, even the training to go ahead and get a proposal out to a client that I'm doing work for.

It's what I've been looking for; it's what I got. I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. I'm getting me out of the way."

- Dan Hellman, SEO Consultant

Player will appear here
"Howard's made it so simple. It's like stupid-easy simple."

"You know, for me, I'm working really hard trying to set up set up so many levels of my business. I just need an easy way to get things done. I know the concepts, and I just need to get other

people to do it for me. Howard's made it so simple. It's like stupid-easy simple.

He has together the forms, and the trainings, and the easy ways to get things done. To have other people do it, and do it well, for me and for my clients.

I am so grateful for what Howard's done and look forward to implementing his systems."

- Chuck Taft, Internet Consultant

The Offline Internet Consultant's Swiss Army Knife!

The right tool for the right job.knife

How many times have you heard that? It may be a cliché, but it is so true and will always be true.

You wouldn't cut your steak with a chainsaw, nor would you shovel snow with a teaspoon.

These Blueprints are designed specifically for the Offline Consultant: to address those tasks that make up the "meat and potatoes" of the business procedures you would do day to day.

The Offline Cash Blueprints are NOT another marketing course to gather digital dust on your hard's truly a Swiss Army knife full of tools to get your work done RIGHT, make more money and free up your time for higher value activities!

Let's Recap the Blueprints...

Module Value
11 Pimp Your Local Listing $197.00
11 SEO Salvo $197.00
11 Keys2Keywords $197.00
11 Email Aides $197.00
11 Spy Specs $197.00
11 Web Wizards $197.00
11 Copy Cats $197.00
11 Graphics Gurus $197.00
11 Metrics For Moolah $197.00
11 Adwords Army $197.00
11 Mobilze Me! $197.00
11 Forms and Documents $29.00
Total Real World Value $2,196.00

The reality is I could stop right here and you would have all that you need to begin generating more income while working less in your offline consulting business.

BUT -- I'm NOT going to stop there!

You see, I truly wish to help you achieve this lifestyle FAST -- which is why...

I'm Also Including These Valuable Fast Mover Bonuses Today, Worth $3,153.00 (Real Value)...
And Yours Free With Offline Cash Blueprints.

Along with the complete Offline Cash Blueprint training program and toolkit, you will also receive these valuable bonuses, specially chosen to help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Bonus #1: First 100 23 left!

Easy Outsource Videos Value ($147.00)


No Team? No Problem!

Don't worry, I've got you covered!

The Easy Outsource Video course consists of 42 content stuffed videos, (over 
5 hours of solid video training!)
covering everything from posting your projects, project descriptions, selecting your freelancers, working with your freelancers, communicating with them, and finally payment and feedback!

They consist of a combination of PowerPoint presentations and live on-screen posting, hiring, working on live projects, even going through the payment process as well.

I cover all the major freelance sites, like Elance, Guru, MTurk, Scriptlance, and oDesk, as well as more specialty sites like Amazon's Mechanical turk and 99designs.

I'll take you from baby steps to Marathon runner, discussing the difference between outsourcing and out tasking, types of tasks to outsource, where to begin, assessing your business needs, and one of the biggest questions: How much do I need to know to effectively outsource?

You'll discover:

11Why you must be deliberately vague about your project description in the public accessible areas

ttThe first thing you want to outsource...get this wrong and you'll waste a TON of money!

11When it's best to work with a company, and when an individual will deliver higher quality.

11What phrase must be included in every project description to ensure your ownership of the finished project.

11Why relying on the freelance sites Project description and guidelines is insufficient and could get you in some deep trouble.

11Red flags to watch out for in the bidding process.

11 What is the Five-for-One Methodology, and why is it the best strategy for team building

11Special software (Turkenstein) for use with Amazon's Mturk service: Delegate for pennies on the dollar while bringing the content into a ready to use template!

This valuable bonus, which normally sells for $147.00, is yours FREE with your investment in Offline Cash Blueprint today!

pam"Each (video) provides the clear steps you need to take to get yourself organized and quickly (and inexpensively) delegating your website work."

"Howard definitely makes learning how to outsource easy. He's thought of everything!!

His Outsource Camtasia videos are short, focused learning chunks that even the busiest person can find time to watch. Each provides the clear steps you need to take to get yourself organized and quickly (and inexpensively) delegating your website work.

-Pam Dodd - The best parenting guide around

ray"I never went to sites like elance because I was afraid someone would steal my ideas, and because I was intimidated by all the techie stuff... You have REMOVED the fear! Brilliantly done!"

"Howard definitely makes learning how to outsource easy. He's thought of everything!!

Your step by step videos have me kicking myself for not exploring those options long ago. You have REMOVED the fear! Brilliantly done! THANK YOU!"

-Ray Barley

Click Here For Instant Access To Offline Cash Blueprint Now!

Bonus #2: First 100 23 left!

Ultimate Outsource Directory™
Value ($47.00)

uodNot sure where to find this "virtual team?"

Got your back here as well!

The Ultimate Outsource Directory has over 1900 of the most valuable resources on the Internet in over 130 Top Level Categories! It is by far, the most comprehensive resource directory for outsourcing on the Internet. Period.

And it's not just outsourcing. There are over 1900 of the best tools and resources for building, growing, and maintaining your business... Hand picked, cream of the crop.

It's more than an itemized and categorized listing of the tools and resources you need to get the job done. I also include comments, explanations, and tips on some that I've used and have some experience with personally.

Newly updated for 2011 including the latest resources for mobile marketing, video marketing, and “done for you” traffic services!

Scroll through this list of top level categories:

Advertising - Email Advertising
Advertising – Misc.
Affiliate Marketing – As the Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing – As the Merchant
Affiliate Marketing – Networks
Affiliate Marketing AND Video
Article Marketing
Article Writers
Call Centers
Celebrity Brokers
CGI Script Installation
CGI Scripts
Chat Services
Competitive Intelligence
Content Management
Copywriting Instruction
Copywriting Software
Copywriting Swipe Files
CPA Networks
CPM Networks
Credit Card Processors
Customer Support
Data Recovery
Databases (Hosted)
Digital Product Security
Direct Mail
Discussion Boards / Forums
DNS Services
Domain Names
E-Commerce Integrated Systems
Education and Training
Email Lists
Email Marketing
File Format Conversion
File Hosting
Flash Tools
Freeform Database Software (PC)
Help Desk Software
Installer Software
International communications
Joint Ventures
Link Directories
List Building
Local Business (Offline) Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Forums
Marketing Newsletters
Media Hosting
Member Site Software
Merchant Accounts
Meta Search Engines
Mind Mapping Software
Mobile Marketing
Newsletter Services
Other Web Design Resources
Payment Gateways
Payment Solutions
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines
Payroll Service
PDF Resources
Print On Demand
Private Label Rights/Resell Rights
Product Distribution: Retail and International
Product Sourcing
Project Management
Public Domain
Referal Marketing Tools
Remote PC Access
Royalty-Free Music
Screen Capture
Search Engine Optimization
Secure SSL Certificates
Server Management
Shopping Cart Software
Short Link Services
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
Software Automation
SPAM Countermeasures
Split-Testing Services / Software
Survey Services / Software
Text Editors
Transcription Services
Trust Seals
Utilities: productivity
Viral Marketing
Virtual Assistants
Virtual Characters / Hosts
Virtual Office
Voice Broadcasting
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 Resources
Web Design Resources
Web Design Software
Web Hosting
Website Forms

Check out these benefits:

11Lifetime membership to an ever-growing storehouse of resources!

11Community contributed resources

11Save hours of time researching new resources

11Discover new resources for products and services to make you look like a HERO to your clients!

11Complete Internet marketing resources for your online business.

11My listings of “done for you” traffic services, for when you'd rather have it all managed for you.

11Uncover utilities, tools and collections of graphics, audio and video sites to give your multimedia productions a huge dose of razzle dazzle!

11Bring unique, cutting edge technology to your work to stand apart from your competitors.

11Quarterly updates

This valuable bonus, which normally sells for $47.00, is yours FREE with your investment in Offline Cash Blueprint today!

Click Here For Instant Access To Offline Cash Blueprint Now!

adele"...BRILLIANT job of amassing a treasure trove of resources and secrets..."

"You've done an absolutely BRILLIANT job of amassing a treasure trove of resources and secrets from a host of experts to create a virtually painless "Easy Outsource System." Your highly practical approach brims with the tools and insights we need to hire a single assistant or start an outsourcing empire."

-Adele Sommers, PH.D.
President, Business Performance Inc.

dave"...will save me a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort."

"As someone who completely delegates several aspects of my business I thought I was aware of most of the outsourcing resources available to Internet Marketers. After spending the last few hours in your directory I've realized that what I knew barely scratched the surface.

I have just visited site after site and made three full pages of notes that I know will save me a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort.

I can't thank you enough for compiling this awesome list. You have provided an incredible resource for the Internet Marketing community."

-Dave Harber

max"This is like an instant time management system!"

"Hey Howard: I just logged in to your Directory for the first time today and immediately found 3 resources I needed which I'm sure would have usually taken me at least 2 hours to track down... instead... 10 seconds! This is like an instant time management system!"

-Dr. Max Vogt,

Bonus #3: First 100 23 left!

Consultant Cash Blueprint Value ($197.00)


Consultant Cash Blueprint is a step-by-step system to jumpstart your consulting business that generates big paydays! (almost 2.5 hours of  video training!)

Understand that being a consultant is a self-employed business, and that means you're depending on your own time and effort. But with my system, you will leverage your time and effort in exchange for high returns, earn more bang for the buck... all with less time and less effort!

If you want to get paid BIG time, make money BIG time... the first step is to realize your self worth is more than you actually give yourself credit for.

And the second step is to follow a system - 'wash, rinse and repeat' steps to getting high quality clients that have absolutely no issues with paying you top dollar for little time and effort on your part!

Here's A Sneak Peak Into This Course...

11Video #1: Introduction to Your Consulting Business

ttVideo #2: Determine Your Skills/What You're Good At

11Video #3: Research Your Market and Competition

11Video #4: Brainstorming: Figuring Out Your Services

11Video #5: Create an Outline and Create Your Services

11Video #6: Create and Setup Your Websites

11Video #7: Prelaunching Phase - How to Build Curiosity

11Video #8: Marketing: Find Out Where Your Clients Are Hiding

What you need is a SYSTEM. A systematic approach to find, get and keep clients... and rake in big paydays!

If you want a breakthrough in your online career because you're sick and fed up of working so hard in front of the computer for crumbs and peanuts, this is it ! 

This bonus, valued at $197.00, is yours FREE with your investment in Offline Cash Blueprint today!

Bonus #4: Automated Traffic Blueprints
Value ($210.00)

What about traffic, you ask?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet business.

Here's a set of Blueprints for your vTeam to perform to send a torrent of traffic to any site you choose!

if you were to hire someone to create these and each took an hour to produce, at $10 an hour this would be valued at $210.00!

These are delivered in editable Word doc format for easy updating and/or customizing!

Check out these benefits:

11Easily to replicate and scale

1121 methods are covered: 4 "paid" methods, and 17 "FREE" methods are covered in this collection.

11Highly effective: save yourself time, money and aggravation

11Easy to understand-even a child can do these!

11Easy to outsource-free yourself from mind-numbing repetitive tasks

11And SO much more!

This bonus, valued at $210.00, is yours FREE with your investment in Offline Cash Blueprint today!

Bonus #5: 133 Task Blueprints Value ($1,330.00)

reportsThese are road-tested and idiot-proofed task training for a multitude of Internet and business related tasks.

Chunked down for easy delegating, these are 1-4 pages step-by-step written instructions, illustrated with screen shots and annotated for crystal clarity!

if you were to hire someone to create these and each took an hour to produce, at $10 an hour this would be valued at $1,330.00!

These are delivered in editable Word doc format for easy updating!

Scroll through this list of tasks: (think any of them might be useful?)

Business Networking/Bookmarking

* Set up a Facebook Page + Main Features
* Set up a Twitter Account + Main Features
* Set up a Digg account + Main Features
* Setting up a Squidoo page + Main Features
* Creating a Yahoo360 page
* Set up a MySpace Page + Main Features
* Set up & use account
* Creating a page at HubPages
* Use Twitterfeed to post your blog RSS feeds to Twitter
* Setting up a LinkedIn account

Promotion Tasks

* Link-building checklist
* How to submit articles to directories
* Using iSnare for article distribution
* How to write a press release
* Press Release Distribution Checklist
* Detailed instructions on submitting to PRWeb
* Following up with the media
* Order free business card from VistaPrint
* Order custom business card from Vista Print
* Submit Articles Using Unique Article Wizard

Cpanel Management

* Forward email addresses
* Set up an autoresponse
* Set up an email account
* Set up a subdomain
* Password protect web page

FTP Management

* Loading files using CuteFTP
* Upload / download files with FireFTP

Affiliate Management

* Finding potential affiliates protocol
* Use Clickbank affiliate link tracking feature

Microsoft Office

* Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word
* Using Styles in MS Word

Open Office

* Table of Contents in Open Office Writer

PDF Files

* Word to Adobe & EasyPDF
* Convert to PDF using Adobe Online

Graphic Editing Programs

* Create a screenshot with PaintShopPro
* Editing a template with GIMP

Mailwasher Email Management

* Set up accounts
* Import accounts

Thunderbird Email Management

* Check & Reply to Email
* Set up accounts

Gmail Email Management

* Setting up a pop3 in Gmail
* Using the search function in Gmail

Outlook Email Management

* Set up a new email account in Outlook
* Setting up a signature in Outlook
* How to filter emails into folders in Outlook

Aweber Autoresponder

* Set up autoresponder series
* Set up mailing list
* Broadcast email
* Importing a list into Aweber


* Setting up a product in PayPal Shopping Cart
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks
* Send a Mass Payment with PayPal

Streaming Audio & Podcasts

* Create audio with Streaming Audio Studio
* Podcast directory submission checklist
* Basic podcast set up using Audacity

Streaming Video

* Creating & editing a video in Camtasia
* Loading video to YouTube
* Adding videos to Google Video

Customer Support & Tickets

* Respond to Kayako support tickets
* Suggested text for digital download support
* Respond to PerlDesk support tickets

PHPBB Bulletin Boards

* Add avatar to profile
* Edit PHPbb header and footer
* Insert photo in post
* Managing members in phpBB

Teleseminars & Conferences

* Set up teleseminar using

Easy Internet Survey

* Create new survey
* Check stats of survey

Posting on Freelance Sites

* Post a job on Rentacoder
* Post a job on Guru
* Post a job on Elance


* Searching and editing mySQL Databases

FrontPage Management

* Edit web page live
* Adding Text Areas in FrontPage

Wiki Content Management

* Editing Wiki content

Course Creation

* Setting up a course in Moodle

Selling Products / Websites

* Set up a product on Cafepress
* List a Site for Sale at DigitalPoint
* List a Site for Sale at SitePoint

Internet Based Family Web Builder

* Edit pages
* Password Protect Page
* Add images to web page
* Create a page redirect
* Format page text
* Create a press release section

Blogger Management

* Moderating comments in Blogger
* Make a new post in Blogger
* Adding Adsense to a Blogger blog
* Adding authors to a Blogger blog

WordPress Management

* Moderating comments
* Scheduling Posts
* Installing Akismet to WordPress
* Installing MightyAdsense to WordPress
* How to convert Blogger posts to WordPress
* Adding widgets to WordPress
* Adding a captcha submission form
* Adding authors to a WordPress blog
* Use Redirection Plugin for Wordpress

Mambo Management

* Approving & Editing Content


* Open a QuickBooks file
* Create an account in Quickbooks
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks

Working with Contractors

* Suggested proofreading protocol
* Suggested transcription protocol
* Suggested ghostwriting protocol
* Suggested research protocol


* What to include in invoices
* Blog Comment Tracking Spreadsheet (.csv)
* Potential Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet (.csv)
* Using TimeStamp to track hours


* Check faxes / messages on
* Send email broadcasts through

11Plug-and-Play ready to use right "out of the box!"

11Easily adaptable to your specific business needs

11Use as a template for your team to create your own custom training

11Checklists and Protocols

11Instant productivity! See IMMEDIATE tasks you can delegate today!

11And SO much more!

This valuable bonus, valued at $1,330.00, is yours FREE with your investment in Offline Cash Blueprint today!

Bonus #6: Hosting, Bandwidth & Storage

Value ($145.00)


All the video training and documents of the Offline Cash Blueprints take up 4 GB of space!

This bonus will not only save you the expense of hosting all this material on your dime, but will give you the advantage of hitting the ground running right out of the box by saving you the time and hassle of downloading everything yourself, re-uploading all the files, and changing out hundreds of links in all the blueprints!

You'll save:

11Monthly hosting fees of $10, x 12 months is $120.00

11Bandwidth and Storage, approx. $25.00 (depending on use)

11The hassle of downloading 4 GB of video and documents, and uploading to your           own servers.

11Hours of time changing out 100's of links throughout the Blueprints

You may take Hosting, Bandwidth and Storage as a minor benefit, however the time it saves in getting up and running is invaluable, and could put dollars in your pocket days, even weeks sooner by eliminating the setup efforts this would take!

Bonus #7: Saving the "BEST FOR LAST!"

The "No Marketer Left Behind" 

90 Days of Monthly Coaching Webinars!
Value ($1,000.00)


Just to ensure your success with these Blueprints, I've decided to include 90 days of monthly coaching calls, to keep everyone on track and using the systems from where they're at now.

You'll have the opportunity to ask me your questions live , or submit your questions via email before the call, and I will answer them ALL and provide the recordings of each webinar for reference.

Even if you can't make the call, I will answer any submitted questions for you to hear on the recording! 

I'll also share with you any of the latest trends or ideas I find to be working "in the field." 

I'll take questions on:

11Outsourcing tactics and shortcuts

11Selling a new service to existing clients

11Pricing models, and how to communicate the value to your clients

11Managing your client's expectations

11Reducing time spent "hand holding" your clients

11Whatever questions you have at the moment...

On top of all the systems and Blueprints and great bonuses, this is truly the Ultimate Bonus, to get your Internet consultant business tuned like a high performance NASCAR racer!

Ready To Make More Money With Less Effort?


11 Offline Cash Blueprints (value $197 per module + Forms) $2,196.00
11 PPC Campaign Builder Software -Module 10 (value $97) $97.00
11 Easy Outsource Videos (value $147) $147.00
11 Ultimate Outsource Directory™
11 Consultant Cash Blueprint (value $197) $197.00
11 Automated Traffic Blueprints ($10 x 21)   $210.00
11 133 Task Training Guides ($10 x 133) $1,330.00
11 Hosting, Bandwidth and Storage $125.00
11 90 Days of Monthly Coaching Webinars $1,000.00
Grand Total (REAL world value) $5,349.00

So all the bonuses and the Offline Cash Blueprints come to a total of $5,349
.00 (Real world value!)

As you can see, everything you need to begin freeing up your time while making more money -- it's all right here for you now.

You just have to take that essential, yet INCREDIBLY simple first step...

"So Howard, How Much For This Step By Step Roadmap To More Time AND More Money?"

With my A-Z, step by step video tutorials, written instructions, screenshots, templates, cool software, and more, Offline Cash Blueprint was created to help you get the time you desire and deserve...

All while making more MONEY!

I'm not just taking up digital space with this multimedia training program and toolkit-- this is the real deal -- once you've seen the information contained in this program you'll find yourself ready, willing, and able to begin leveraging your time and generating more money!

AND... while you probably expect this to be thousands of dollars (I've seen courses with much less information sell for way more), I also want to help you get started IMMEDIATELY.

So, I think you're about to be pleasantly surprised.

When you take action today, you're getting instant access to everything described above and the 5 fast mover bonuses worth over $3,000.00 by themselves, available by immediate download.

And I'm not asking the thousands of dollars this is worth for you to get started today... no, if you take action now, you will get everything you need to make more money with less effort --all for the low one time investment of just...$1,997.00  $997.00  $497!

Think about it...just ONE measly JOB could pay for this whole training... an auto responder setup or on-page SEO job can net you AT LEAST $497! (if not, than you're DEFINITELY in the right place! )

That's over a 90% DISCOUNT!

That's right... just $497 for the REAL LIFE opportunity to a whole new lifestyle... one in which you are working much less and making much more! And what's more -- you don't have to risk a cent here today:

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When you invest in Offline Cash Blueprint you will have a full 30 days to review the product and ensure your satisfaction.

I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you are about to discover...

But you are fully covered by my iron clad, no hassle satisfaction policy, which means if you are not totally delighted with this program you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

This training program is the key to freeing up your time and helping you to make more money. And it's entirely risk free today!

Consider The Alternatives

1. Do it all yourself. if you are currently doing all the work for your consulting business, you already know how time consuming and labor-intensive this can be. Your profits will be limited by how many hours you can work. Not the best choice for lifestyle considerations. 

2. Hire other companies to do it all for you. While not necessarily a bad option, the biggest advantage is that it's the most hands off alternative. But this will be by far the most expensive solution, and you give up some flexibility and control. 

Not to mention shrinking your profit margins. 

There may be reliability and quality issues with this solution as well. 

3. Hire and train your own team, creating the systems and training materials yourself. Certainly possible, but let's take a realistic look at what that would entail. 

First, you would have to learn everything you needed to know for each of the 11 module topics representing the top services performed by Internet consultants. That would require going through at least a dozen courses to learn how to perform services. 

Then you would have to create step-by-step training materials for your outsourced contractors to perform the work. You would have to go through months of trial and error to eliminate the questions and mistakes that would happen along the way till you have a solid system. 

You would have to go through the same process with your clients to create forms to gather the needed information to perform the services. This can be quite complex for a website project. 

I have spent around 400 hours over the past year developing and compiling these systems and trainings, not including any of the marketing parts of the product. 

I have studied at least a couple of dozen courses, over five years of marketing online, and have whittled thousands of pages of PDFs and hundreds of hours of video down to these core blueprints, tweaked and optimized to get the job done as smooth as possible. 

Even if you knew how to do everything yourself, how long would it take you to create the training and the systems? If you could do it in half the time it took me, that's 200 hours. $497 / 200 hrs. = $2.50 per hour. 

Is your time worth more than that? 

(And you still wouldn't have any of the bonus materials!) 

4. Buy a competing product. uh...there is NO OTHER COMPETING PRODUCT! 

Offline Cash Blueprints are the smart choice.

Hmmm...Still Not Sure?

Wait, won't I save money by just doing the work myself?

In theory, yes. In reality, doing it yourself often ends up costing you more than it saves you. That's because it steals your time. Before you know it, days can fly by while you're still fooling around with getting your local listings, checking split test results and setting up squeeze pages.

Well, what if I don't have anyone I can trust to do my work?

No problem. That's why we included the Easy Outsource Videos course! Step-by-step, watch-over-my- shoulder style on all the major freelance sites. And I show you how to find a top performer, where things get super streamlined!

Looks like I aready know most of this stuff, why do I need Offline Cash Blueprints?

Good question! The point is not how much YOU know, but how much your TEAM knows that will make delegating all this work effective! These Blueprints are the step by step training to have someone else do the work, not you!

Looks like I hardly know ANY of this stuff! Could I still use Offline Cash Blueprints?

Actually, almost anyone of any skill level could hand off these blueprints and get the job done right. If you made it to this page, you know enough!

That said, I incorporated all the latest strategies that are working RIGHT NOW  into the task instructions, to get the maximum leverage out of each job.

What This Is NOT!
  • A full-blown course on Adwords - – there's dozens of good courses on PPC out there, including Google's Learning Center. (FREE!)
  • A 10 DVD set of in-depth training on every topic covered This is about getting the job done, not about mastering every little nuance
  • A HUGE home-study “Course” that you'll have to spend several days or weeks going through - This is more of a “Toolbox” you can use as needed!
  • A course on how to find clients - There are many reports and courses on this in Warrior Forum.
  • For whiners or complainers, who want to push the “Easy Button” and expect cash to fly out of their computers! - 'nuff said.

  • Some new "black hat" techniques you've never seen before...the purpose is to have all the instructions detailed for your bread and butter tasks to smoothly delegate the work!
I'm Offering You Transformation, Not Just Education

Will you find some new, breakthrough strategies or techniques amongst these blueprints and systems? Maybe. Depends on how experienced you are. Some of these tasks are bread and butter.

But I will tell you one thing... I have scoured dozens of courses, interviewed many experts and included these techniques in all the strategies and training contained in these blueprints, to ensure you get cutting edge results!

A Dramatic Lifestyle Change Opportunity For You...

You don't want spend your life mastering all the many skills necessary to run an online business or consult for businesses looking to improve their online marketing.

Each one of those skills have dozens of "big-box" high ticket courses created around them. Each one of those disciplines is a life study.

With Offline Cash Blueprints You'll...

cInstantly Gain the Capacity To Scale Up Your Business - (Higher profits on more Clients): Consultants are often trapped in trading hours for dollars, with seemingly no way out.

But when you plug in our high-quality systems and training, you've got an instant "get out of jail free card" because we've developed the whole process for you!

cAutomatically Expand Your Arsenal of Services: We've developed training materials based around popular service packages offered by Internet consultants (with more to come!). We also explain how to structure the offering and how to sell it to your client.

So now you can instantly ramp up your business and make more money from the clients and prospects you're already handling!

cDevelop Regular Monthly Income Without Having To Constantly Land Big Accounts. It's great to get a fat check for new projects, however those require the most time and attention up front, and the most amount of work.

Plus you've got to go out and keep getting more projects. But SEO, Traffic, E-mail Marketing, Pay Per Click Management and so on are monthly services with ongoing revenue you can collect month after month, year after year. And it can all be outsourced and systematized.

cConquer Overwhelm And "Analysis Paralysis" - Just what you need to know, just when you need it. This isn't some bloated Internet marketing course to put in the closet still in its shrink wrap, or to gather digital dust on your hard drive.

Whatever the job requires, you pull out the appropriate "tool;" Whether it's a competitive analysis report, lead capture page, auto responder set up, graphics, copy writing... just dig out the module with everything you need right at your fingertips... templated and outsource-ready!

cBanish Delays and Unnecessary Communications. Idiot-proof instructions and quality training, both for the consultant and the outsourcer, minimize excessive questions and delays aggravated by missing information or workers a dozen time zones away.

We've developed paint by numbers templates that take the guesswork out of the process. The result? Smoother, easier and faster project completion!

cNo tedious training necessary! Send out the systems that we provide in this program right to your worker with the client’s data, information, and the tasks get done quickly and easily! No need to continually retrain new hires, these systems will get the job done right!

Offline Cash Blueprints is more than a top notch, step by step training course... it's more than a toolkit with systems that you can just hand your team and let them run with it...

What it is...

It's a dramatic lifestyle change opportunity for you, right here, and right now -- it is TRULY the chance to make more money while working way less!

“A Competitive World Offers Two Possibilities...”

A wise person once said, “A competitive world offers two possibilities. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change.”

As you can see, this is NOT information you want available to your competition Another consultant in your area using these blueprints will frankly steal your lunch! Their ability to scale their business and produce quality work on a massive scale will make THEM the “Go to” company in town.

If you want in on this, you'd better act now.

Some of our buyers have been requesting we limit sales of these blueprints to only one per county or zip code, so they can maintain an edge in their local area!

If we do decide to limit by area, we would have to raise the price because of limiting the available number of Blueprints we could offer.

So before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning -- this offer could be pulled at ANY time!

You see, what you're getting here is a lucrative success map to exploding your business quickly and easily by properly leveraging yourself so that you have others handling the heavy lifting, while you focus on only the most profitable aspects of your consulting business.

This is the REAL deal.

And... if you're ready for it...

If you're ready to change... to WIN...

If you are TRULY ready to EXPLODE your offline consulting business right now, earning more and working less. Then the first step towards that success is to take decisive action NOW...

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PS - Let today be the day you took your business in a whole new direction -- AND to a whole new level! You see... the bottom line here is... Offline Cash Blueprint means MORE money in your pocket with less effort. That's right -- more cash and more free time to spend it. Getting started is simple and take just minutes.CLICK HERE now to begin.

PPS - Don't forget -- I am removing any and all risk from the equation here. If you can't transform your business into a gold mine using these Blueprints and marketing strategies laid out for you in the Offline Cash Blueprint system, then simply email me for a no hassle refund in full under my 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

PPPS - This is the only set of blueprints of it's kind available online -- and there is a VERY good chance that I will pull this offer from the "shelves" soon. With Offline Cash Blueprints you now have the chance to take control of your life and get back your time, while making SIGNIFCANTLY more money. You just gotta take that first step and act now.

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